AQA GCSE Maths Unit 2 - Higher Tier

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A model solution and a video clip explaining every past paper question.

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Better than What You Have Now

Past Papers from School

  • Never get a clean set of model answers to revise from
  • End up back with the teacher or at the bottom of your school bag
  • Only get one go so you never get to master them

Mark Schemes

  • Impossible to understand even for maths teachers!
  • Don't explain how to get the right answer

Revision Books

  • Try to explain using words, not videos
  • Up to you to identify and find which bits you don't understand
  • Can't see which questions come up again and again

Revision DVDs

  • Not targeted at your board and exam - too general
  • Fiddly to install
  • Won't work on iPad or mobile phones

What Parents Say about Good at Maths

Yes, my daughter got an A*, she's over the moon.

Not only that, she got maximum UMS points which I don't think means full marks necessarily, but is brilliant in case she does not do as well in the final unit. We never get to see the RAW mark for some reason.

Thank you so much for all your help and wonderful explanations.
It was so good to have difficult questions explained by an expert so she could enter the exam with far more confidence in tackling the harder questions.
I am sure it made her a lot less nervous as well because she felt there were very few grey areas.

Year 10 mum, Cumbria

Good at maths is excellent - just what we needed I only wish we had found it earlier and saved a fortune with a tutor.

Have recommended you to several others too

Resit module 2 and sitting Module 3 this summer got A in module 1 so fingers crossed

Denise, Year 10 mum, Wirral

It worked!

Just to let you know, both the twins improved their grades this time round

My son got an A - 44/54 (an A* was 45) up 10 marks from the November exam
My daughter got a B 37/54 (an A was 38) up 2 marks from the November exam
Would you consider sending those for a remark? Thank you so much for your help!!! Hope it's all going well

Gillian Hennesy, Year 10 mum, Cheshire

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AQA Unit 2 - Higher Tier - Past Papers, Solutions, Videos
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